Citrus Leaf Soda

Use your leftover citrus leaves to make a refreshing soda for your vodka sodas, tom collins, and gin rickeys! Citrusy, bubbly, easy to mix!

Carrot Leaf Syrup

Carrot leaves can be used in cocktails. Turn them into a syrup and mix them with gin, rum, or tequila cocktails. Try in a Gimlet or Daquiri.

Reusing Leftover Beetroot Pulp

Beetroots are great for their juice but just as great for their pulp. Dehydrate the leftovers and use as a powder for cocktails & mocktails.

Persimmon Pulp Shrub

Learn how to turn persimmons into a delicious cocktail ingredient at home or behind the bar. In this blog, you will learn how to make a shrub out of them that can be used to add sweet, sour, and jammy textures to your drinks!

Christmas Tree Infusions

Use leftover Christmas Tree branches for your cocktails. Use fer or spruce to infuse with gin to make Negroni, Gin Tonic, and more.

Smoking with Leftover Chestnut Peels

Use leftover chestnut skins to smoke your cocktails and food. By smoking them you’ll be able to infuse smoke flavors into anything you want!

Fast Pear Wine

Use leftover oxidized white wine and seasonal pears to make a Pear Wine. Amazing on its own, with ice, or in a cocktail!

Lacto Fermented Cranberries

Lacto ferment cranberries to make a relish or chutney for your cocktails and mocktails. Great for sustainable cocktails like Garibaldi’s!