Using Leftover Pistachio Shells

Leftover Pistachio Shells can be used in cocktails by infusing them with a spirit. The best spirits to use are aged rums and whiskeys. Once infused, use them in any built or stirred cocktail so that their nutty flavors shine through!

Using Grapes in Cocktails

Seasonal Grapes in Cocktails Grape season can peak depending on where you are in the world, and once they do they become a very economical ingredient that can add layers of flavor to your cocktails. Cocktails that use grapes are usually muddled or shaken, but in this post I’ll show you how to infuse them […]

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Save your leftover watermelon rinds and pickle them in a brine. Use them as a crunchy garnish for your cocktails and save the brine!

Mango Skin Syrup

An easy method to make a homemade mango skin syrup to use in mezcal, rum, and whiskey cocktails–no cooking required.

Strawberry Leaf Syrup

Save your strawberry leaves to make a cocktail syrup. Brew them into a tea and add sugar to make a flavorful infused simple syrup.